Prague – Food journey: Trdelník


Last summer I visited Prague. Actually two times and I really enjoyed both stays. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and definitely worth a trip. You can travel the whole city really easy by public transport for a cheap price. That’s actually one of the main points why young people travel to Prague, a short vacation here is a good option for your wallet. For a little price you can get a decent hotel and delicious food for dinner. You just have to search in the small streets of the town and you will find a lot of sweet cafes or fancy restaurants. But speaking of small streets, the city itself is not really big. I would recommend a stay of four to three days, because after this time you’ve seen all the important sights.


But on this food journey discovery I want to share a typical Prague thing: Trdelník. I know, I know, half of you can’t even imagine how to pronounce it, but it’s just so delicious. Trdelník is a pastry made out of rolled dough. They wrap it around sticks and bake it for a short time over an open oven.

prag5     prag4

After this process the Trdelník gets topped with cinnamon sugar or walnuts. If you want to go a bit further, you can even buy it with cream filling or fruits inside. It kills your teeth for sure, but again – just so delicious. So what did you learn? If you get the chance to try some of these diet-destroyers, definitely go for it.



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